Sun filled Days Result in Sundowner Cocktails

Summer is on the way and you’ve got your holiday booked and teeny-weeny bikini, packed, (well the girls anyway) it won’t be long before your toes are sinking into the sand with the sun on your face. There’s only one thing missing to make this scene perfect, a cocktail – shaken, stirred and icy cold, a tropical, refreshing drink and the only way to watch the sunset after an idyllic day frolicking in the sea.

Easy, Breezy Beach Vibes

There’s nothing compared to the simple pleasure of a lazy afternoon lounging on the beach when the sun is kissing your nose and the ocean just a few steps away. When the temptation is just too much, put down that trashy novel and order a beach cocktail, the golden sands are the ideal setting for sipping on a drink decorated with a big piece of fruit and a bamboo straw.

‘Long Island Iced Tea’ is a classic that has been around for years, a drink that will never go out of style with its potent concoction of rum, tequila, vodka, gin and triple sec, whilst the Pina Colada is a true tropical drink with its creamy blend of coconut milk, rum and pineapple juice, and the Mai Tai’s mix of rums and orange curacao offers a fruity, sweet and vibrant concoction for sunny days.

There are all kinds of cocktails, from straight-up classics to wacky mixological creations from the boozy visions of the world’s most imaginative bartenders. Whatever country you’re in you’ll find something original on offer, many using the basics of the classic recipes and adding a twist, depending on local ingredients, to create a drink that you just can’t get anywhere else.

Anytime Cocktails

But who’s to say cocktails are only for sunset hour, or just for the beach? 

Cocktails are in trend now and this is reflected by the growing number of bars dedicating themselves to the art of mixology. In Bangkok, they’re whipping up masterpieces in a glass on sky view rooftops, swanky nightclubs, down hidden alleyways, and in 40’s style speakeasy-style bars.

Phuket is close behind with innovative cocktail bar’s and talented mixologists creating all kinds of cocktail concoctions. In the historical old quarters of Phuket Town, you’ll find Prohibition Bar, Club No 43, and Dibuk House, pushing the boundaries in their state-of-the-art drink creations.

Heading back to the coast, (because if we’re truthful this is where we like to enjoy our cocktails), Diavolo at Paresa Resort has remarkable panoramas of the Andaman Sea, alongside delicious cocktails. The ocean beckons over in Bang Tao at Catch Beach Club with a delicious selection of signature cocktails. Spend an afternoon soaking up the chilled-out vibe from a full-service cabana, cool off in the infinity pool and swoon into a showstopper of a sunset with a ‘Sly Thai’ handcrafted cocktail, as inventive as it is delightful with a mix of Tanqueray gin, limoncello and pineapple juice.

Signature Cocktails at Catch

Here are 3 signature beach cocktail recipes from the skilled mixologists at Catch Beach Club. Try them at home and remember those wonderful sun-kissed days you spent on the beach in Phuket.

Sly Thai

· Vodka 50 ML

· Limon-cello 15 ML

· Lime Juice 10 ML

· Pineapple Juice 50 ML

· Syrup 5ML

· Kaffir lime leaf 2 leafs

Serve in a bond Inspired Martini glass

Thirsty Sailor

· White Rum 50 ML

· Blue curacao 15 ML

· Mango Syrup 10 ML

· Pineapple Juice 50 ML

· Lime Juice 10 ML

Serve in a long glass to allow for plenty of ice

Bang-Tao Breeze

· Chalong Bay Basil Rum 45 ML

· Elderflower 15 ML

· Passion Fruit 45 ML

· Basil 4 LEAF

· Lime Juice 10 ML

· Tonic 20 ML

Serve in a long glass to allow for the passion fruit and tonic


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