Songkran Splash 2024

Songkran, the Thai New Year, takes place in April each year, symbolising the end of the dry season and the eagerly awaited arrival of rain. Although some parts of Thailand see celebrations lasting up to a week, here we will focus on Phuket’s water festivities and how to make the most out of this exciting time.

The Origin

This tradition dates back to the 13th century, serving as an observance of the Buddhist New Year. Originally, the custom involved the gentle pouring of water over the hands of the elderly and onto Buddha statues, signifying both respect and a desire for auspicious outcomes. Over time, this modest practice has transformed into elaborate and fun filled water fights, where the streets of Thailand become lively water battlegrounds.
Phuket Island Escapade

Island Escapade

Here in Phuket, Songkran is actually a one-day celebration taking place on April 13th. However, festivities tend to start on the afternoon of the 12th and the official holiday spans from the 13th to the 15th, providing an extended period for both lively celebrations and the embrace of the more traditional aspects of Songkran.

Spotlight on Phuket

Songkran festivities commence early in the morning and extend into the late hours, as the celebrations unfold notably along Phuket’s renowned party streets. Patong Beach and Bangla Road emerge as the epicentres of exuberant revelry. For those seeking a more culturally infused experience, Phuket Old Town is a good destination choice. Irrespective of your location in Phuket, you are guaranteed to partake in the water-centric festivities during this period.
So, be sure to make a note in your calendars for Saturday, April 13th, and be ready to experience the lively and celebrated water battles. Picture the streets of Phuket transformed into a water-soaked spectacle, with water guns, cannons and buckets adding to the exuberance under the summer heat. People flock to the streets to joyfully drench each other in a lively tradition which is still seen as a symbolic cleansing, washing away the remnants of bad luck from the past year and ushering in new good fortune.

Hydration Havens

While numerous businesses may be closed, the majority of bars and select restaurants will remain open. Look out for sizable plastic containers filled with water positioned just outside these establishments; these serve as water stations to refill when your supply is running low. Pickup trucks, laden with locals, expats and tourists adorned in colourful shirs, will be equipped with substantial containers of water, often with floating ice to ensure maximum cold impact upon launching at passersby.

Top Songkran Tips

Splash of Tradition

Although it might seem like a giant water fight, Songkran remains deeply rooted in culture and holds profound significance for Thai people. Family comes first during this time, and many people will travel back to their home provinces to honour family traditions, enjoy home-cooked dishes, pay respect to elders and visit local temples to take part in age-old ceremonies.


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